Michael has been full time with his video production for the last year, but is not as far along as he’d like to be. Procrastination has been a big roadblock for him. He can see the improvement in his videography skills, but needs some clarity and confidence to book more consistent jobs at the price points he wants.

In today’s Jumpstart sessions, Gebbs will cover:

  • Procrastination
  • Offering a direct vision VS ‘The Subway Model’
  • Outsourcing what you’re not good at
  • Pricing

Below are the results of Michael W’s DISC test. Take yours at takemia.com.

micahelm-disc-test-behavioral-analysis-test-gebbs-01Click Images to Enlarge Graphs




1:23 Michael W introduces himself and his video production business
6:56 Procrastination is one of Michael’s biggest struggles
10:00 What would you do if you didn’t need money?
14:06 Potential VS distractions
16:00 Discusses Michael W’s core D line on the DISC profile and what that might mean
25:40 Michael asks Michael W what type of client/events he prefers to take on
30:40 Michael W explains his selling process
31:37 Michael explains the Subway Model
40:05 Free to fee
45:55 Epic before boring
54:08 Michael W asks about delegation
1:14:00 Pricing in regards to wedding video production
1:23:00 Michael explains a simplified pricing package model for wedding video



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